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Toyota Next One

“Toyota’s Next One stills campaign was one of the most logistically challenging productions ever!  The  remote locations required great organisation & expertise to shoot  & with the guidance of our location manager Dan Wood from 17 South we were able to shoot at some of the most amazing & remote  locations Australia has to offer. Quite literally We couldn’t have done it without you  Dan!” Karen Watson, The Feds

Toyota Japan in partnership with Toyota Australia chose Australia as its Toyota Next One Discovery Tour destination in 2014.

With 30 key employees, 16 cars and a 18,000km trek through and around Australia the journey would will help Toyota plan vehicle specification for future models and provide a valuable training opportunity for its employees.

The participants would also refine and strengthen their intuition in developing vehicles for specific driving environments by experiencing every conceivable driving surface – from busy city streets to the toughest trails of the outback.

So before this journey could be undertaken it needed to be planned and Australian production agency The Feds came straight to 17 South with a list of key outback locations and seeking suggestions for new ones to be discovered to make this trek across Australia’s outback both epic and memorable.

Logisitcally a complex challenge with multiple shooting crews coming in and out along the journey, key locations and events needing to be coordinated, multiple permissions across states, government agencies, land holders and indigenous native title and reserved lands over a 3 month shoot made this one of the largest logistical operations undertaken by 17 South to date.

4 months in pre-production and 3 months shooting on the road coming together in a collection of outstanding outback locations featuring Lake Gairdner in South Australia, Eucla, Pinnacles, the Gibb River Road in Western Australia, Central Australia in the Northern Territory and high and low country of northern NSW to mention some and the results of which can been seen through the links below.