• Paspaley – Behind the Lens

Paspaley – Behind the Lens

The Kimberley is a dream location. I have always wanted to shoot there  – unique rocky landscapes, striking turquoise of the ocean, pindan-red and white sands of the beaches and endless blue skies make for the perfect backdrop – many thanks to Dan (17 South) for making us welcome and guiding us through these amazing locations. Regan Cameron, Photographer

Behind the Lens is a 10 minute fictitious short film, directed by Australian Cannes Festival-winning film director Ariel Kleiman and starring British actress Clara Paget.

Ariel’s film credits include Deeper than Yesterday and Partisan and has won awards at AFI, Cannes and Sundance, filmed ‘Behind the Lens’ in the stunning and remote locations of the Kimberley, the heartland of Paspaley pearls. The film stars Clara Paget, a British actress and model best known for her roles in St Trinians 2, Fast & Furious and her starring role in the TV series Black Sails.

The film captures the scenes behind the lens of a fashion shoot by leading fashion photographer Regan Cameron.

Rabbit Content, producers of the film and Union Management producers of the photoshoot came to 17 South in search of locations to film and shoot this campaign for Paspaley. The original recce spanned a 350km section of coastline between Cape Leveque and Eco Beach including the amazing red cliff beach locations of Western Beach, James Price Point and Riddell Beach, the pristine white sands of Eastern Beach, Cable Beach north and south, Pender Bay and Crab Creek. While scouting for for interior locations around Broome, we looked at number of stylish homes and accommodation but McAlpine House, an original master pearler’s home, once home to Lord McAlpine and now belonging to (coincidentally) Marilynne Paspaley ticked all the right boxes – and very kindly allowed us to empty and refill their pool over a week in the middle of Broome’s very busy tourist season.

And like so many times before – one of the most rewarding aspects of the job is watching the impact of the landscape on the key creatives, and for both it was their first journey into this remarkable environment. For Ariel, it was once in lifetime opportunity to film in this amazing land. Regan shoots in some of the world’s most exotic locations and was blown away, mesmerised by the quality the Kimberley’s morning and afternoon magic hours. And while stunning and exotic, it’s ancient and untamed which the presence of civilisation has done little to temper. So there’s an underlying presence… both a look and a feeling that’s almost palpable. It’s a little more edgy and a little more wild – a land of ubiquitous spirit.