• Australia: The Story of Us

Australia: The Story of Us

“Dan from 17 SOUTH came on board for the outback components of Australia: The Story of Us. His knowledge of locations and the film-making process was fantastic delivering some amazing locales, specialist crew and all within striking distance of town and important infrastructure.” Essential Media

More than 40,000 years in the making, Australia: The Story of Us is an extraordinary narrative about the people, places and events which have shaped our nation from the first footprints on our continent to the present day.

Using astounding visual sequences, the ground-breaking drama documentary series weaves together stories of our origins and offers an original thesis about how we came to create the homeland we inhabit today.

Alongside amazing CGI and innovative filming techniques, the series features interviews with important thinkers, notable celebrities and iconic national figures who take us inside the stories that have influenced our history.

Essential Media had a clear brief to find suitable locations for a particular story that was locally based but also locations that could be used to replicate interstate locations along with several production requirements such as horses, planes and other specific art department requirements for structures of yesteryear.

So after consultation it became clear that the Pilbara would fit the bill nicely. I had recently travelled to Millstream Chichester National Park and the cattle station bordering the property was the perfect location. Amazing landscapes of grass plains, spinfex hills with iron rocky outcrops, two rivers running through the property and a very helpful owner. Perfect. 5-days out from production it rained down (out of season) flooding the station in and making it inaccessible. While we scrabbled to revisit our alternate locations we had the same wet issues eventually making the call to hold the small pre-pro team in place and delayed the main crew’s arrival by three days.

Fortunately it was a single instance and the shoot was able to get underway 5 days later.