• Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamonds

“Dan quite simply made a magical place more magical. He discovered spectacular settings for our story and he achieved it all on a super tight schedule without losing his good humour or his steady guiding hand. It felt very special to be part of the experience with such a creative, smart and fun crew. The Kimberley images and that morning light still take my breath away. Thank you Dan.” Josephine Johnson, argyle pink diamonds

In the rugged yet breathtaking terrain of the Kimberley in Western Australia, the most unique, exclusive and glamorous stone begins its luminous life.

The journey of the exquisite pink diamond starts in the Argyle Diamond Mine and makes its way into the auction houses around the globe. Inspired jewellers all over craft magnificent pieces using this mysterious diamond. These truly unique diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and exclusivity.

Tiny Hunter was entrusted to create a brand film that emotively represents the story of the Argyle Pink Diamond from origin to world stage; a film that can be showcased around the world; a film that will inspire and engage the most discerning of luxury client.

To find the heart in the origin, Tiny Hunter came to 17 South to find and showcase landscapes in the East Kimberley where Argyle Pink has its genesis.

For 17 South it was a not so easy task. The world’s most beautiful diamond in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes – how does one refine a myriad of choice to just a select few? Spoilt for choice.

Amongst the steppes of the Deception Ranges, in the hinterland of the Gibb River Road and on the diamond’s namesake Lake Argyle, 17 South unearthed a series of landscapes to compliment the director’s vision and realise the origin of the diamond’s journey from it’s austere beginnings in the vastness of the East Kimberley to the finest craftsmen and auction houses around the world.